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Welcome to My Paranormal Romance Author's Blog!

Updated: Apr 19

Welcome to My Paranormal Romance Author's Blog!

A Fifteen Year Journey

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I began writing my first paranormal romance novel in 2008. After loosing the only copy of my manuscript on a ruined flash drive, I gave up. Yet I kept that flash drive. Then life happened. My child grew up. I was promoted at my day job. Now and then, I came across the flash drive and tried it again with no luck. Then in 2022, I came across the flash drive once more and had a lightbulb moment. With all the new technology, maybe someone could retrieve the data. And guess what, I found a company who restored my data, including the 180 pages I lost.

In June 2023, I finished the novel. In September 2023, I received a contract offer and signed! After fifteen years, my novel is getting published. Not just that, but six novels are planned for the series.

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If you enjoy paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, or action romance, then the Watchers and Warriors Series is for you. Email me with questions or follow me on social media for updates. Instagram. Facebook. TikTok


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