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Thanks for visiting my page! If you're here, you're interested in the samples of my query letter and synopsis. I found querying publishers to be more daunting than writing my first manuscript. My commissioning editor shared with me they receive more than a thousand submissions each month. If you don't have a literary agent, or you're a debut author, you'll want to catch the publisher's attention with the query letter, then keep it with the synopsis.


My sample synopsis provides the format only. If I included the original, I'd give away the story and ending. Though longer than a query letter, a good synopsis provides an overview of your story including the tone and a shortened version of the climactic scene and ending. 


I hope sharing this information helps you on your journey. If you find it helpful, want more tips, and want to follow my book release(s), shoot me an email below.


Query Letter

Remember, your first sentence needs to be eye catching. If you have no literary agent or awards, try connecting something interesting about yourself to the plot of your story. The query letter needs to be short. My research revealed 300 words or less is preferred. I included a short version and a long version of the first paragraph. Although the short version doesn't connect me, it is still theme central and unique. 

My Query Letter Example:

Subject Line: Do you believe in destiny? (If the publisher has a specific way to address your subject line, do that instead.)

Dear (Editor), 

(It may be difficult to address a specific editor. I always looked for this first, otherwise, I used "(Agency) Editing Team or Editor.")

Short versionSome people feel fate is destined, or a result of karma. Others feel you make your own destiny. Which do you believe?

Long version: Some people feel fate is destined, or a result of karma. Others feel you make your own destiny. Imagine my distress when an unfortunate incident ruined the flash drive containing the only copy of my manuscript. One hundred and eighty pages — poof — gone. Cut to fourteen years later — I’m cleaning my home office and find the ruined flash drive. The one I tucked away and saved. Because, although I gave up in that moment in 2008, I never completely gave up. I examined the flash drive, tried to retrieve the data once more with no luck, then had a lightbulb moment. Hmm, it’s 2022. Maybe a technology wizard can retrieve the data for me. And guess what? I lucked out! I found that technology wizard. One year later — actually, fifteen years later — I finished my manuscript. So was it all karma, or did I create my own destiny?


My adult paranormal romance, Angel Redeemed, follows Devin, a Deputy United States Marshal. She’s hell-bent on hunting and killing the psychotic escaped fugitive and self-proclaimed vampire slayer, Milton Ross. When the hunt leads her to the local morgue to investigate the deaths of three unidentifiable men, her eagerness to find Ross results in destructive behavior and a car accident. She awakens to find she’s been rescued from the wreckage by Marco, a man resembling one of the dead men and claiming to be her angelic protector. He insists she leave with him to fulfill an important destiny. The novel follows as the two thwart demon attacks and fallen angels while racing across multiple states lines. Devin’s only chance to survive the supernatural fight for her life is to fulfill a destiny that not only promises life-altering changes, but also eternal love. This 99,000 word novel is a paranormal romance with contemporary romance elements, including diversity and strong women that may appeal to fans of (insert name here). 

(In this paragraph, I provided two to four sentences about myself. This will be specific to you.)


Thank you for your time in reviewing this. I hope you find the synopsis interesting enough to read the attached manuscript. I can be reached at the below information for any additional material needed. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. For your reference, I have submitted this manuscript to multiple publishers. (It is a courtesy to note this. Some publishers will note they do not accept simultaneous submissions.)

Destiny pending,


Printed name

(Pen name if applicable)

Phone number



My research did not uncover a preferred format for the synopsis. The samples I found had a variety of formats. A preferred format may exist, but I didn't locate it. Most publishers have their own word count requirements. You may need to create multiple versions of your synopsis.

My Synopsis Example:



(Pen Name if applicable)

Novel Title

Series Name

Book Series Number (Book 1)


Phone Number




Word count of manuscript:


 Manuscript Synopsis (synopsis word count):

Note: I double spaced, following the same format as the MS, but I won't do that here. Some submissions instructions may be specific.


Intro paragraph: Here I included the FMC, her age, setting (location and era), how the story begins, and the overall feeling. Then, I transitioned into the inciting incident or hook.

In the next paragraphs I included the intro of the MMC, his age, and a summary of the story. I added these things in the order which seemed appropriate.

Towards the end, I specified "In the climatic scene ..." and "In the final scene ..."  

I also made sure to include "this novel is the first of a six part series." Some publishers will want a separate document outlining your plan and breif descriptions for the series, but that will be specific to their request.

I did not put sign off or contact information at the bottom. The samples I looked at tended to have all that information at the top.

Note: Be sure the manuscript you submit is the strongest version. This likely includes a few sweeps to tighten up writing, one or two levels of beta readers, addressing any edits suggested by beta readers, and having your own editor complete edits. My suggestion would be to locate an impartial beta reader first. Honest feedback is best. A professional editor is also best.

Drop an email!

Thank you for visiting my page. Got a question? Send me an email. I'll respond as soon as possible.

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