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Changing Fate: 5 Reasons to Love Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

Updated: Apr 28

Why I Love

Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

Let's be honest here. The answer's pretty obvious. The fiction in paranormal and fantasy romance is chin deep. We're not talking simple fiction. We're talking layers upon layers of fiction. If you love romance and want to get lost through the power of a story, then paranormal/fantasy romance is where it's at. Anything can happen.

fantasy romance
Reasons to Love Paranormal Romance

Reason 1: The world building and lore is amazing. No, it's not for everyone, but the threat of the end of the world; a fantasy realm within the modern; a secret magical society; and the intricate ancient histories are some of the best aspects of paranormal and fantasy romance.

Reason 2: I've been a horror junkie since childhood and enamored by hot immortals and the mystical humans sent to assassinate them since puberty. They're beyond fine, even with their flaws and scars. And holy hell, if you're talking about a whole team of hot guardians with supernatural powers meant to save the world and charm the panties off their fated mates while doing so? Well, then I'm in and swooning.

Reason 3: The characters are morally grey by nature. Vampires, shifters, fallen angels, demons, and witches are born riding a fine line between good and evil. And just like any morally grey character with a redemption arc, they hide their benevolence behind a mask of evil. Their evil is just a bit extra. They're the king of alphas and anti-heroes. And, of course, it's the love interest's job to draw that benevolence to the surface.

Reason 4: Mate bonds. I have to admit in real life, I'm not sure a mate bond sounds amazing, but in the multi-layered fictional world of paranormal romance, it promises that HEA we readers are waiting for. We've invested hours and days growing to love these characters. It's only natural we expect mate bonds. They promise some of the best endings. I mean where would Violet and Xaden be without Tairn and Sgaeyl forcing their mate bond upon them? We certainly wouldn't have the infamous throne scene.

Reason 5: The history can expand over centuries. Immortals have lengthy lives. You can start the story in a prehistoric world, and end it in the future. Not to mention, how many tropes can fit in the world of fantasy: Age gap, spicy, contemporary, suspense, historical, fated mates, reincarnation, cursed, arranged marriage, grumpy sunshine? I could go on and on.

There's a reason we love fictional romance. There's even more reason to love paranormal and fantasy romance.

If hot immortals are your thing, follow me for the debut of my paranormal romance series, Angel Redeemed: Watchers and Warriors Series due for release in late 2024. Check out the coming series here.

If you like action and spice mixed with your paranormal/fantasy romance, check out some of my favorite authors - Larissa Ione, Lisa Kessler, Abigail Owen, T.M. Smith, and Taylor Aston White.

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