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Ines Gray

Paranormal Romance Author

Fallen Angels. Demons. Reincarnates. Shifters. Mystical Humans.

Fallen Angels. Demons. Reincarnates. Shifters. Mystical Humans.

Fallen Angels. Demons. Reincarnates. Shifters. Mystical Humans.


Ines Gray
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My Story

Hi! I’m Ines Gray, an American author of paranormal romance. I reside in the United States in the Midwest. I've worked in federal law enforcement for nearly twenty years. Since 1998, the scope of my duties has included expository writing. In 2022, I transitioned to fiction.  Angel Redeemed is my debut novel and the first of a six part series. I plan to complete as many novels about fallen angels, demons, and other immortals blending into the modern-day world as possible. I love to travel, love action and horror movies, and of course, love paranormal romance.

Angel Redeemed
Watchers and Warriors Series, Book 1

Devin's a Deputy US Marshal hell-bent on revenge, hunting an escaped fugitive and self-proclaimed vampire slayer. When called to the local morgue to investigate the deaths of three unidentifiable men, the hunt takes a strange turn, and Devin's reckless behavior results in an accident. She awakens to find she's been rescued by a stranger resembling one of the dead men who claims to be her angelic protector.

Marco Sariel-Sabini is the half-human, half-fallen angel tasked with protecting an important Reincarnate. He's failed in each past life, letting her die. With each failure, the demon blood in his veins threatens to take control and forces him closer to the Rogue, a demonic band of fallen angels.

As Devin transitions from predator to prey, and she and Marco race to fulfill an important destiny, will they succeed? Or will Marco once again fail, succumbing to the demon within and ultimately lose Devin forever?

Angel Redeemed

Book 1



Cover Coming Soon
Debut Launching in 2024

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Beta Reader Review

Five Star

Laine H., Beta Reader

Angel Redeemed is the first book in the Watchers and Warriors series. Marco is a fallen angel cursed to watch his human mate die and be reborn. This intoxicating novel is about the journey of Marco and Devin reuniting and trying to break the curse. When you’re not wrapped up in Marco and Devin’s story, you're immersed in the slow burn between the secondary characters during this face-paced, cross-country expedition. This book is a fascinating mixture of steamy romance with a great story line that will have you finishing the book in one night and yearning to get your hands on the second in the series. One of the things I particularly love about this book is the presence of strong female characters. Devin is a badass US Marshal who can fight, and Claire is an educated medical examiner and ancient history specialist. I recommend this book for any reader who enjoys paranormal or fantasy romance, spicy scenes, and a gripping story. I'm giving this book a 5/5 stars!

Reader Reactions

Hillary W., Beta Reader

“I loved the characters in this book. They were very unique and intriguing. I didn't want to put it down as the passion between both the primary and secondary characters was intense. I'd recommend this novel for anyone who loves romance.”

Chris W., Copy & Line Editor

“First, I want to say how well written this story is. Ines does a fantastic job creating a compelling universe, characters, and plotline. I absolutely loved it all, and I can’t wait to read the next books in the series!”

Alyssa T., Beta Reader

“The ending has me reeling! I have so many questions and predictions for the next novel.”
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Watchers and Warriors Series

Looking for your next spicy paranormal romance novel? Look no further. The Watchers and Warriors series contains plenty of swoon worthy, morally grey fallen angels riding that fine line between good and evil. Just when you think they may lose that fight, the women they love (otherwise known as the warriors) swoop in just in time to bring them back.


The first novel, Angel Redeemed, is in the publishing process and will release in 2024. Six novels are planned for this series. The second and third novels will be finished in 2024. Although each can be read separately, they are best read in order. All are set in the modern-day world so they appeal to paranormal, action, contemporary, and urban fantasy romance readers alike. Follow me so you don't miss the release of any novel. 

The coming series . . .
Novel Series

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